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Schedule a FREE 45 minute Session

I have found my purpose… finally.  Middle age is my beginning.

I am a teacher.  I am a mom.  I am a wife.  I am a student.  I am a business owner.

I am a Life Coach.

I love my life!  How lucky am I to get to serve and help others every single day?

I am here to help you.

It is your turn to find your path.  Let’s do this.

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Let’s talk about Buffering. So many of us try to avoid our emotions with food or alcohol or Netflix. We give into the urges that we have. We want to stop buffering. We try to stop by resisting the urges, which only makes them bigger. We try to distract ourselves or avoid it altogether. Again, …


Failure is defined as not getting the results that were expected. Failure is a skill. We are not taught how to fail. It should be a lesson right up there with reading and math, because we all fail. Failure is valuable. We learn to grow. We learn to become a better version of ourselves. But, …

Shadows of the Past

Most of us have something from our past that is difficult.  We still carry it around with us. Some of us feel like it is holding us back – so much that we feel our lives are limited by the experience. Pain of the past is heavy.  It weighs us down. We allow our past …