But… What if???

Worry is defined as:  a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems.

Worry is about what might or might not happen.

Worry is about tomorrow.

Worry is not serving you.

Some mothers feel they are not good mothers if they are not worrying about their children.

Does worrying help your children?  I know my worries about my kids’ grades did not help them pass.

Does worrying serve you as a mom? I know my worries about my kids’ grades turned me into an ogre.  I was trying to control something out of my control.

Worrying about our children is counterproductive. Guide them instead.

Worrying about the future is counterproductive.  Plan for the future instead.

Worrying about problems is counterproductive. Look for a solution instead.

Worrying is a useless endeavor.

Change your perspective.


Worry is not serving you.


What do you want to see happen in your life? What do you want to change?

The moment you decide to change, there is a problem.

The problem is when you decide to be different, to change, your brain has 1000 excuses to stay the same.

Change is not comfortable.  It is messy and hard.

Have you ever gone to the gym in January? You have to wait half an hour to get on a treadmill.

Have you ever gone to the gym in March? You have all 30 treadmills to yourself.

Only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are kept. We have good intentions.




Excuses…. Excuses…. Excuses

Your motivation has to come from your “why”.  Why do you want this change?

Your “why” has to be compelling enough to overcome the excuses.


I know I’ve been working towards my goal for 10 months with no success.


I haven’t achieved it.

It’s hard.

I’m overwhelmed.

SO WHAT?! Do these thoughts get me any closer to my goal?  Um, no.  What I’m NOT going to do is quit on myself. No more excuses.

Just do it. No excuses. Just go.

Have you EVER?!

Have you ever thought you would be really good at something?  I mean really good at something? Like there is no doubt in you mind good at something?

So, as any logical, passionate human would do,  you pursue that something. You put your heart, mind, and soul trying to get there.

And, just when you are about to reach your something… so close you can taste it… BOOM! You fall flat on your face.  You pull a big ol’ FAIL.

You are devastated.  How could this even happen to you?  You were so sure this was your path… your road to your dreams… your destiny.  And, you blew it.

*failure is ok*

Wait! What?!  What do you mean ‘failure is ok’? Don’t you understand my life is over?  My dreams are crushed?

*failure is ok*



*failure is not the end. it is just a bump in the road. keep going. learn from your mistake and move onward and upward.*

Really?! You think I can still reach my something?


I CAN do this!  So what I had one little fail.  I’m a stronger person because of it. I will push forward.  I will be magnificent at my something… and I will enjoy my journey there.


Have you ever attempted to do something you’ve never done before?  Like a big something. Like something you never even imagined in your wildest dreams you would do.

Some call it a leap of faith.  Some call it reckless, a fool’s errand.  Some call it evolution.

Doing something bigger than yourself is both exciting and terrifying.  Most of us get to that terrifying part and turn back. We go back to the safety of what we know, what is comfortable.

That big something turns into just a thought, a passing fancy.

But, it is what you were meant to do.  You feel it deep down in your soul. Stop waiting.  

It will never be “the right time”.

It will never be perfect.

Your ducks will never be lined up in a row.

Just take the first step toward your dream. Today. Right now.

You can’t stay stagnant.  You need to grow, to evolve, to become the person you’ve only dreamed of becoming.I

It is time to GO BIG.  Because, you can’t go home again.

Awaken Your Spirit


Sometimes, we get bogged down into doing the same routine day in and day out.

Every week brings the same chores, the same driving kids around, the same work routines.

Sound familiar?

We get stuck in apathy.

Apathy is defined as “a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, and concern. Apathy is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation, or passion.”

Life becomes empty of meaning.

We rationalize it by renaming it…  Too busy. Taking care of my family. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. It is an illusion: a distraction.


This world is dying to know who you are.

Find your gift, or rediscover it.

Share it with the world.

Be generous by sharing your gift with others.

Expect nothing in return.

Wake up with a purpose.


Do one thing everyday that reignites your spiritual fire.

It will require faith.

Live it.


Use what you have to bless the world.


What is your gift?

Why Did I Do That???

Of all the things I’ve learned from my coach, I think the Thought Downloads are right up there at the top in my list of favorites.

It really is a simple process.  It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes each day (unless I’ve had a whopper of a day and have tons to write).  But, it gets all of those thoughts out that loop in my head endlessly!

Thought Downloads are simply writing down your thoughts about your day (or whatever you want to write about).  I usually write about how I want to handle things in the future as well.

Here is an example.  I was frustrated with a few people at work already one morning.  One of them said something flat out rude to me. Normally, I would find that interesting and wonder what was going on in their world to make them behave that way.  But, instead… I reacted… all of my filters came crashing down, and I spewed “word vomit” right back at them. I made that person cry.

Whoa!  These days, I don’t do that.  That was my old way to settle conflict – be meaner than the other person.  Where did that vicious reaction come from?

When I got home, I did a Thought Download about it.  It helped me release all the guilt I felt for being so mean.  More so, it helped me realize WHY I did it in the first place.  Knowing the reason behind it allowed me to fix the error in my thinking, assuring it won’t happen again.

Thought Downloads: I highly recommend them.

Finding Your Joy

Although I am all about my routines and staying in my comfort zone, spontaneity, excitement, and a change of scenery is refreshing once in a while.

Cut, dye, or style your hair differently.

Volunteer your time.

Paint your nails a bold color.

Adopt a dog.

Get a tattoo.

Travel somewhere you’ve never been.

Read a book in a different genre. (I know… we are living the vida loca now!)

But, spontaneity should not be a part of making your food selections when trying to lose weight.  Your food should be planned… 24 hours in advance. Joy and excitement shouldn’t be coming from your food.

Plan your food… make it boring even.  Make your food be part of your routine.  Heck, add your eating time to your calendar.  

Look for pleasure in other areas of your life instead.  

Find your joy in your life – not in your food.


In Polite Company, We Don’t Talk About It

In polite company, we don’t talk about politics or religion… or about nutrition.  Let’s face it. 1 in 3 of us are having to deal with being overweight – and so are many of our kids.  You can find expert advice on how to lose that weight on every street corner – a dime a dozen. But, what no one talks about is the emotional addiction to that food.  We use food in our culture to celebrate. We reward our children with treats. When most of us think about food, it makes us happy.

I recently watched a video of Dr. David Kessler explaining the science behind this emotional attachment to food  in “The End of Overeating”.  Basically, sugar, fat, and salt in combinations trigger the pleasure center in our brain.  Americans’ diet over the last four decades has increased tremendously in those three ingredients with the processing of our foods. Those foods, in turn, act like a drug – stimulating our brain.

The power of the food addiction (I know, no one likes the word “addiction”, but there it is) doesn’t necessarily come from the food itself.  We are driven (much like Pavlov’s dog) by stimuli all around us. Anticipation is powerful. It is the smell of the pizza when I walk into Costco that gets me in trouble – long before I actually see or taste said pizza.  As a matter of fact, the very thought of going to Costco makes my taste buds start watering.

So, really, those of us that are wanting to lose weight need to deal with the emotions of eating first.  Changing how we think about food – and feel about food – is a necessity if we want to lose the weight and actually keep it off this time.

As a society, Dr. Kessler recommended adding boundaries back into how we view food.  Over my lifetime, smoking has made the transformation from being acceptable to not. Food can’t be demonized the way smoking has been done, because we all need food. But, going back to it being three (or two)  meals a day (instead of grazing all day) will be a step in the right direction.  

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Lose the weight and the emotional baggage it represents for good.


Teaching is a selfless profession.  We spend all day serving others. We spend our work time, our personal time, and our personal money in the pursuit of helping children succeed.

By the time 3 p.m. on Friday rolls around…

We are Stressed.

We are Exhausted.

We are Emotionally Drained (especially if you are an introvert on top of it all).

Our brains are done making decisions, and we are seeking comfort.

Many of us find it in food or alcohol. But, that is usually not conducive to weight loss. Honestly, I can’t call broccoli a comfort food. But, pizza… well, you get my point.

So, when trying to lose weight, you need to find a new form of comfort that will give you that same sense of release without the mindless caloric intake.

Here are some ideas… if you have a great way you spend your down time, please share with us in the comments below!



Read a book

Pool time

Walk or Run

Take a Hot Shower

Drive time

Watch a movie

Organize your space

Spend time in nature


Get a Mani/Pedi

Do Something Creative

Your Favorite Game App (mine is “The Room”)


Potentially Amazing

You have great potential. It is an energy so big, sometimes it is overwhelming, and you don’t know how to get it out.

You need to surround yourself with the right people.

Hang around people that will help you meet your potential.

Do you and your partner hang around people in steady relationships or rocky ones?

Do you hang around coworkers that complain  the promotion is never headed their way or the ones that are always looking for ways to advance?

Are you a student that hangs around the “partying” crowd or the creative, academic crowd?

You have great potential. You will rise to the level of those people or fall to their depths.

Show me those 5 people you chose to listen to, and I can show you the direction your life is headed in.

The right people help us navigate distractions and temptations.  They help us overcome a shaky faith in ourselves. They will kick our butts when we need them to and celebrate us when we need that as well.

Point your life in the right direction.

Who are the 5 people who are the “loudest” voices in your life?