How Do You Handle the Sadness?

I go through emotional cycles as I am sure most of us do. Right now, I am in that down cycle – that “glass is half empty” view on life. There is no joy, no excitement, no love of life that usually seeps into my soul each day. I’m used to it. I know it will pass.

I self-sabotage with eating comfort food.
I don’t pay attention to my intermittent fasting.
I sleep way too much.
I don’t write.
I can’t make a decision without an emotional back-and-forth in my brain.
I don’t exercise.
I don’t create.
I just avoid.
And, I don’t care…
Until the fog lifts (sometimes several days later).

Then, I’m mad. How could I allow myself to mess up so bad?! I was there for it. It’s not like I took a little vacation from my body and came back to find chaos’ aftermath. I WAS RIGHT THERE for it all! And, I didn’t stop myself!

I’ve decided to make myself a thought chart. When the fog lifts, I will write down all of those positive thoughts I usually have that keep me on track each day… create a manual for myself. Then… maybe, just maybe, I can make it through the next low cycle just following the manual. On the other side, I am hopeful I can be proud of my actions.

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