One Simple Step to Start Losing Weight!

You REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to start drinking more water!

Why, you ask? Here are the Top 10 Reasons you need to start today…

10.  60% of your body is made of water.

9.  You can survive 21 days without food.  But, you can only survive 3 or 4 days without water.

8.  Water helps rid your body of toxins.

7.  Water protects your joints.

6.  You need to replace the water you lose daily.

5.  You should drink at least 64 oz. of water every day.

4.  Water can get rid of headaches.

3.  Water helps reduce your calorie intake by reducing hunger signals.

2.  Water gives you energy.



Get to drinking, friends!



Life Coach – Attie Calisto Design



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