Because I’m Happy…

OK. So, now you probably have that song stuck in your head, too.  

Sorry… not really.

I was browsing through old photos today, and I started to notice a pattern…

Besides my ever changing hairstyles…

Besides my ever fluctuating weight…

Sometimes, the smile on my face was genuine.  Sometimes, the smile was just for the camera (if there was even a smile at all). Sometimes, I was really happy.  Sometimes, I really wasn’t.

For so many years, I allowed outside circumstances to control my happiness.  

It didn’t matter if I was overweight or at idea weight.  

It didn’t matter if my hair was long or short: brown, red, or blond.

It didn’t matter if I was on vacation, visiting friends and family, or hanging out at home.

The happiness I found never lasted, because I was expecting others to make me happy… and that is NOT their job.

Happiness is my job.  I have learned that fact.  I am the only person that can truly make me happy.  If I’m not, I can’t blame anyone but myself…. and I always have the choice to change how I feel.  

These days, I choose happy.  Every. Single. Day.

Are you happy?

How Do You Handle the Sadness?

I go through emotional cycles as I am sure most of us do.  Right now, I am in that down cycle – that “glass is half empty” view on life. There is no joy, no excitement, no love of life that usually seeps into my soul each day.  I’m used to it. I know it will pass. But…

I self-sabotage with eating comfort food.

I don’t pay attention to my intermittent fasting.

I sleep way too much.

I don’t write.

I can’t make a decision without an emotional back-and-forth in my brain.

I don’t exercise.

I don’t create.

I just avoid.

And, I don’t care…

Until the fog lifts (sometimes several days later).

Then, I’m mad.  How could I allow myself to mess up so bad?!  I was there for it. It’s not like I took a little vacation from my body and came back to find chaos’ aftermath. I WAS RIGHT THERE for it all!  And, I didn’t stop myself!

I’ve decided to make myself a thought chart.  When the fog lifts, I will write down all of those positive thoughts I usually have that keep me on track each day… create a manual for myself. Then… maybe, just maybe, I can make it through the next low cycle just following the manual.  On the other side, I am hopeful I can be proud of my actions.

Self-Esteem Queen

Today, I was challenged with an interesting insight into myself. I have almost always let others dictate my self-esteem… my worthiness as a human being. Crap in my past started this extremely detrimental path that I walked for most of my life.  Recently, I dealt with the crap. The reward was a sense of release and freedom – no longer letting those things control me and how I felt about myself any longer. For a long while, I was full of confidence and really didn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thought about me.  I was proud to be me- even with all my flaws.

But, without me noticing, those few, judgmental coworkers started eating away at my new found confidence with their underhanded, tacky  “compliments” over the last few months. 

Yesterday, I went shopping by myself.  I recently cut and bleached my hair. That, along with my weight, made me an insecure, young preteen all over again.  I watched everyone that looked at me as I passed by. I watched my reflection in the store windows. EVERY, SINGLE THOUGHT going through my head was negative.  “They are staring at me, because my hair looks stupid.” “They think I am fat and ugly.” “OMG, my reflection is hideous!” Etc, etc, etc…

What the heck?! What happened to that confident 45 year old woman who had finally found strength from within? She, evidently, is on a vacation… leaving the insecure one in charge.

So, the lesson I learned today: it’s a process.  I am not perfect; I never will be. Even if I’m at my ideal weight and my hairstyle is featured in Vogue, that insecure girl can take over at any time.  She has before… I’ve lost all the weight before (more than once).  

I remember the comment ONE PERSON made to me many years ago that sent me back spiraling down this path of self-sabotage.  In retrospect, it was a very stupid comment. I doubt she even remembers saying it. But, I allowed it to take over my entire existence at the time.

But, I say “No more!” I can’t change those judgmental, life-sucking, gossiping women.  I can only control how I react to them. It is hard. I am dreading going back to work and seeing one individual in particular.  So, that means I’m already letting her get to me and influence my self-esteem , and I haven’t even seen her yet. But, it is a process… and I will win in the end.

Get Your Zzzzzzz’s

Sleep is super important and should be scheduled on your calendar. Yes, a date with Mr. Sandman should be in your plan every night – and possibly a nap in there, too. Need more convincing? Here is the 411.

10. 7-8 hours every night is needed.

9. Your body repairs itself while you sleep.

8. Your mind recoups from all the work it did all day – and prepares for tomorrow’s tasks.

7. Your body gets rid of fat faster when it is well rested.

6. If you didn’t get your 7-8 hours, a nap may just do the trick to allow your body/mind it’s repair time.

5. Turn off the volume on your phone. Your brain still registers those sounds even when you sleep.

4. Turn off all of the lights. Your brain needs to know it is time to sleep.

3. A routine bedtime is not only beneficial for kids but adults too. Biorhythms, my friends.

2. 30 minutes before sleep time, put your phone away and do something to calm your brain. It will help you go to sleep faster. Just be still in your mind.

1. You lose weight when you sleep!

Got any tips you can share to help us sleep? Let us know in the comments below!

One Simple Step to Start Losing Weight

You REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to start drinking more water!

Why, you ask?

10. 60% of your body is made of water.

9. You can survive 21 days without food.  But, you can only survive 3 or 4 days without water.

8. Water helps rid your body of toxins.

7. Water protects your joints.

6. You need to replace the water you lose daily.

5. You should drink at least 64 oz. of water every day.

4. Water can get rid of headaches.

3. Water helps reduce your calorie intake by reducing hunger signals.

2. Water gives you energy.


Get to drinking, friends!

Weight Loss Designed with YOU in Mind

My reason WHY… This sweet boy is more like his mom than he knows.  He has my brains; he has my good looks; he has my zest for life; and, he has my bad eating habits.

I’m a mom. I’m a wife.  I’m a teacher. I’m a Life Coach.  I take care of others. That’s what I do.  There is no time to take care of me, too… until I saw him grabbing the snacks… the same sodas… the same slices of pizza.  I was watching my kid turn into me – with all of the GOOD and BAD habits.

It was time to change – for good this time.  To get the weight off, I had to change my thoughts – about food and about myself.  It was time to start showing up for myself and my son. Are you ready to do the same?

Are YOU ready?

Are you tired of being overwhelmed, overweight and always putting yourself last?

Are you watching your kids following in your bad habits?

Are you tired of losing the weight and gaining it right back?

It is time… to lose the weight forever.

Are YOU ready?